Mexico City (CDMX)

The planning was done.  Flights booked and paid for.  Hotel reservations confirmed. Recommendations received and the itinerary had started to come together. This time there were three of us travelling.  Alongside Josie and me we were joined by Julia. So 3 women, 6 days, 3 departure lounges and one destination – Mexico City.

Mexico City

Above, from left to right you have, the beautiful glass roof of the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes where we went to see the folk ballet, the traffic on the river in Xochimilco where you apparently could find the floating gardens, the balloons rising above the awesome pyramid of the Sun which we climbed on early morning and a sculpture in the square just outside the Cathedral. 

Before we left all of us had been told Mexico City was one of the most dangerous cities on earth, not that I have travelled to any other planet.  I’d heard this before when I travelled to Rio a few years ago and that time I was advised to dress down, avoid wearing makeup or jewellery and carry as little money as possible. I followed that advice and decided to do the same again on this occasion. Josie and Julia agreed.  We also agreed that we would stick together as much as possible. We also heard that the safest place to stay was Zona Rosa so we had booked a lovely hotel there called Casa Blanca. Turned out to be 5 star lovely, without the awful pretentiousness, at are usual 2 star prices!

Given there were three of us travelling Josie had asked Julia and I to do some research and identify 5 things we would like to do and list them in order of priority. She would then build the itinerary round these in the hope we could fit everything in. In addition to these choices Josie had suggested we go see a Folk Ballet one evening and a friend of hers had sent to us a list of suggested restaurants.

Hazel Josie Julia
The market at Coyoacan
Museum of modern Art
Floating Gardens at Xochimilco
Chapultepec park
Botanic gardens
The pyramids
Palacio Nacional
Casa Azul
Casa Barragan
Templo mayor
Mariachi bands
Los vegetarianos restaurant
Museo mural Diego Rivera
Palacio de Bellas artes
The walk from Coyoacan to San angel

No surprises there then. I’m all about gardens and Josie and Julia are all about culture. Then there was this amazing list of restaurants Josie’s friend had recommended:

El Cardenal: an upscale place, close to the palacio de bellas artes and the city center (zocalo) known for their types of Mole. Their seasonal dish in June and July is worms(!). An excellent restaurant.
Cafe De Tacuba: known for their tamales and other traditional dishes. A few blocks from the city center. 
Los Danzantes: good upscale restaurant in a very nice neighborhood  in Mexico city called  Coyoacan, which is worth a visit (Frida Kahlo’s Museum is there). Try the cheese filled leaf (HOJA SANTA). 
During Aug.-Oct. they have a special (delicious!!!!) dish in Mexico called Chile en Nogada. Try at least once if you can. The best one that we had is in La Opera bar near the city center.
A very pretty cafe-restaurant (actually, it is a chain but this branch is the prettiest), is Sanborns, close to the city center.
Finally Josie sent me half a dozen additional recommendations for little coffee bars and special places which included the awesome Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico  and the La Gruta restaurant at Teotihuacan which is where the pyramids were hiding out.   SIX DAYS!!!!!! We needed 6 weeks to fit all that in but we did and here is how……….
Mexico city pg1.jpg

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