CDMX – Our Itinerary

I think in my previous post I mentioned that we each chose 5 things we would like to see in Mexico City, but here is a quick reminder – if you want the links they can be found here:

Hazel Josie Julia
The market at Coyoacan
The sculpture at the Museum of modern art
Floating Gardens at Xochimilco
Chapultepec park
Botanic gardens
The pyramids
Palacio nacional
Casa Azul
Casa barragan
Templo mayor
Mariachi bands
Los vegetarianos restaurant
Museo mural Diego Rivera
Palacio de Bellas artes
The walk from coyoacan to San angel

Alongside this we had a number of recommendations for eateries from both Josie having had the time to swallow the various guidebooks whilst lazing by the pool in Philadelphia, her summer pad with her partner. Oh and from her foodie friend, Doron, whose girlfriend was from Mexico City.  Together Josie and I worked to plot each day so that we could fit in the maximum number of things.

BE AWARE: Mexico city is huge and getting around can take time even if you are travelling by taxi as the traffic is hectic.  We strongly recommend you take time to plan your visit and plot your activities in close geographical locations. Oh and Mexicans like to take time over their meals, if you want a quick bite – find a greasy spoon or eat on the move – the street foods is amazing!

Although we plan we usually have wriggle room to switch things round if necessary.  The first few days are usually pretty detailed on account that we will all be a little shattered from the travelling so it makes it easier just to fall in line.  We also try and allow the first day for getting our bearings, checking our the local area and familiarising ourselves with the transport options, especially the metro if there is one! Oh and a little recovery time by a pool, a bar, coffee shop or park bench.

So this was the result of our collaboration:

Collect Ballet tickets,  Ticketmaster at San Cosme Metro (15min walk each way)
Museo de Arte Moderno or quiet pool afternoon (depending on times and tiredness)  HAZEL
Dinner: Hilton Hotel, Cardenal

Light breakfast
Xochimilco Floating Gardens  HAZEL
12:00 Lunch at (I’ve booked a table)
Museo Frida Kahlo (opens at 10am)  JO
Suggest we go to the Street Food venue. Calle Lopez.

Brunch at: Gran hotel Ciudad de mexico
Museo Mural Diego Rivera  JULIA
Palacio de Bellas Artes  JULIA
(Parque Alameda Central)
Folk Ballet

Walk from San Angel to Coyoacan   JULIA
Coyoacan Market (good street food???)  HAZEL

Day trip to Teotihuacan (with lunch at La Gruta???)  JO
Evening street food and Mariachi Bands in Garibaldi Square   JULIA

Templo Mayor  JO
Palacio Nacional  JO
Los Vegetarianos Restaurant ????  JULIA

Bosque de Chapultepec  HAZEL
Jardin Botanico   HAZEL
Museo de Arte Moderno or Casa Luis Barragan or both (see Friday)  HAZEL/JO

Josie’s comments were as follows:
The only day that’s really set in stone is Monday – all the museums are closed so it makes sense to do the walk and the market.
However beyond that the itinerary has pretty much written itself.
I thought a good long walk in the park and the Botanic Gardens would be nice for the last day as we’ll all be cooped up in planes overnight.
I don’t want to do Teotihaucan too early on in the week – it requires lots of walking up steps (maybe 500 altogether) and it makes sense for us all to be acclimatised to the altitude for that.
Xochimilco Floating Gardens are only open at weekends.



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