CDMX – Day 4 – Monday

Breakfast in the beautiful square, followed by a visit to Coyoacan Market and then a walk to San Angel.


One of the activities on Julia’s list was a walk from Coyoacan to San Angel. Thank heavens because Josie found that most galleries and other tourist attractions closed on Mondays so this fitted in very well with my desire to visit the Coyoacan market. We caught the metro again to Vivaros but this time we headed along the edge of the path and against the traffic. Walking through the beautiful suburbs and on towards the square where we had breakfast on Saturday. We did the same again but in a different restaurant. Personally I much preferred the first Los Danzantes.

Los Danzantes

FOOD AND DRINK. Los Danzantes overlooked the beautiful fountain in the square and was shaded by the large trees (and their awning!). There was a wide selection of vegetarian breakfasts which pleased Josie and Julia and I could not resist the beans and eggs. The other one we went to was a little more down market and was two along called Ave Maria

Walking from the restaurant to the market we crossed a number of squares one of which had this beautiful bandstand much like the one we saw in the mural by Diego Rivera. A little run down but beautiful nonetheless.  We arrived at the bustling market which was full of colourful produce and people.  Much of the vegetables and fruit we were unfamiliar with but the stall holders helpfully wrote the names down which meant I was able to look them up later.


BE AWARE.  Many tourist spots, galleries, monuments and government buildings are closed to the public on Monday. Either do what we did and take a walk around some of the beautiful areas or visit the market at Coyoacan which is open and bustling. 

I wish I had remembered part of the reason for coming here was for the street food.  I would have hung out a little longer and had breakfast her.   If you get the opportunity and are not one of the many incredibly picky and hygiene conscious eaters then I strongly recommend you join the locals and eat here.

market produce

After spending an hour or so meandering around the market, picking up a number of trinkets and sugar soaked treats we started our walk back towards San Angel. Back through the suburbs with their gorgeous gardens and onto a park with a lovely monument and infinity pool. We sat a while and just relaxed before heading up the hill into San Angel where we found a lovely bar, parker our behinds down ordered the usual guacamole and nachos along with beer and my spritzer.

San Angel

Josie’s beautiful scrapbook page of this day which reminds that it was on this day my sunglasses and the black hole met because the next morning when I woke they were gone!





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