CDMX – Day 5 – Tuesday

We take a taxi ride to Teothihuacan to visit the pyramids of the moon and sun, enjoy an amazing lunch at  La Gruta restaurant and climb to the top of the Monument near our hotel. 

I had been really looking forward to this day.  After a little debate and an appreciation of an exchange rate in our favour we all agreed to hire a driver for the day to take us to the pyramids and wait for us until we were ready to return. Negotiating with one of the taxi drivers outside our hotel we agreed a price and he met us at the agree time that morning.

Tuesday Pyramids

Driving in, arriving early and seeing the balloons, Julia and I on the Pyramid of the Sun

TOP TIP.  Organise a taxi if you are taking a long journey. We did it with the help of hotel but only in so far as they recommended a taxi driver so we assumed that would be safe. It cost us around £90 including the tip and he dropped us off and met us at our agreed exit 6 hours later. That was £30 each which was worth every penny.

The entrance we headed for was car park 2 and we arrived 10 minutes before opening. They let us in and I marvelled at the amazing sight of the hot air balloons rising high above the Pyramid of the Sun. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Bar two other people we had the place to ourselves – another top tip.  ARRIVE EARLY – it opens at  We climbed to the top with relative ease although the steps were rather odd sizes.

BE AWARE.  The steps on all the structures are very different in size and you need to take it carefully to avoid falling. 

I was badly in need of some exercise so decided to climb up as many of the structures along the avenue as possible.  Some were cordoned off but those that weren’t saw Julia and me climb up and down. Josie’s ankle was still painful from a fall before she left the States so she declined. It meant we got to see some of the pretty flowers and also the cactus on which the prickly pear grows.

Me at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, Prickly Pear, pretty wild flowers & Josie heading up.

You can only climb to one level of the Pyramid of the Moon but it gives you a lovely view of the avenue when you do. You can also see how the Pyramid of the Sun reflects the shape of the mountain in the distance. Be careful not to miss out on the beautiful ruins which can be found to the right of the Pyramid of the Moon (assuming you have your back to it). Here is where the toilets are (YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE YOUR OWN LOO ROLL), some curio shops and the amazing ruins.

Josie TUesday
Looking down the Avenue of the Dead, Pyramid of the Sun reflecting the shape of the mountain range, remaining structure below the Pyramid of the Moon, Josie and Julia.

Emerging from the ruins we started to walk up the avenue towards the area where we were told we could find the restaurant we wanted to have lunch at – La Gruta. It was about midday and the place was starting to get very busy. Glancing over at the Pyramid of the Sun we could not help but be grateful that we had climbed it in the early morning breeze and had the place to ourselves when we did.  The throngs heading up it now would have made it very difficult and uncomfortable.


We got to car park 5 where there were masses of curio shops. After a brief browse we exited the car park, turned left, crossing the road and entered the long drive way towards the restaurant. We were early and so had our pick of tables and chose to sit on the upper level looking down on the colourful tables and chairs below. We were pleased to find that they offered the local dish of cactus leaf. Josie had the salad and I had the steak which came with a chargrilled leaf. Mine was a bit like okra but once you got past the slime it was palatable. Josie’s salad did not suffer the same so my suggestion is eat it cold rather than heated if you don’t like the slimy residue.

La Gruta
La Gruta from the outside and looking down from our table.  Cactus salad. Julia, me and Josie.

After lunch we went back in and visited the museum.  Not really my thing but Julia enjoyed it. I was, however, taken aback by the size of the city which was modelled inside the museum building.  They had barely started to uncover it all. We found our driver waiting for us and headed back to the hotel. Arriving early we decided to visit the monument and see if we could go to the top.  It was a little convoluted as you had to follow the step by step process and all we wanted to do was go to the very top.  In the end I decided not to as the spiral staircase was just a bit too much for my fear of heights.

The monument and the views from the top of our hotel and the avenue towards the main shopping area.

FOOD AND DRINK.  La Gruta was one of the most unique places I have ever eaten. The service was excellent and food was great value for money. If you visit the Pyramids I strongly suggest you make a point of having your lunch here. It was a great venue.

Josie’s scrap book entry for this day:


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