CDMX – Day 6 – Wednesday

I get dragged to visit Templo Mayor, the National Palace with its promise of a botanic garden and we return to Casa Azul.

This had to be my “bad” day, if there is such a thing when travelling.  I woke up tired and then had to face an archaeological site and a museum first thing.  At least we get to return to the greasy spoon for breakfast. I managed to move around the site fairly swiftly and rushed onto the museum in the hope it will all go by rather swiftly.  At one point I found a chair and sat down.  MISTAKE! I was nodding off in an instant. I was still proud of having made it this far. It was nearly over and we could move onto the gardens. WRONG! Josie informed me there were another load of floors above this one.

archi site

That was me done in.  I declared defeat and went in search of a coffee shop as I needed to wake up and seriously move on from this cultural overload. I walked back up past the Cathedral and was heading to the lovely hotel where we had brunch on Sunday when I looked up and there was this beautiful little place with wooden doors swung open over looking the square.  The entrance was a riddle and I eventually found it at the back of the jewellery sellers. Up a flight of stairs and I plonked myself down at one of the tables in the windows.  Here I sat sipping cappuccino for seemed like eons.

TOP TIP.  If you want a coffee shop with a view look up.  There are loads of places above road level and it makes for a relaxing way to people watch and enjoy a view.

Gardens.jpgEventually Julia and Josie finish their trip round the museum and we meet up and head for the National Palace and the promise of gardens. Thankfully the queue was relatively short, I handed over my passport and we entered the building. The gardens were small but beautifully formed with a Cacti and Succulent garden followed by a larger garden with more tropical planting. The coffee had woken me up and I enjoyed the meander through this beautiful space.

National palace.jpg

Through the other courtyard was a few curio shops and these beautiful murals which were on the first floor overlooking the fountain. As always the day was sunny so both the gardens and murals looked fantastic.

BE AWARE. If you do visit the National Palace and you are in a group only one of you has to hand over photo ID so not everybody has to carry this around with them. 


Just round the corner from the National Palace is the entrance to the metro where we caught a train to Casa Azul as we had booked tickets for 16:00.  It meant another walk from Vivaros and we had planned on having lunch at the Cantina where Frida and Diego used to hang out, sadly it was closed so we found another small restaurant and indulged in far, far, far too many nachos and guacamole.

Casa AzulWe still had to queue when we arrived at Casa Azul but got in around 16:00.  As I said before if I’d known what I know now I would have booked the first slot of the day as the queues inside to get into the house were horrendous and you did not really have time to hang around once inside the accommodation.

HELPFUL INFORMATION. Casa Azul.  Book tickets here and I strongly recommend you go as early as possible. 

Josie’s scrap book entry for this day….


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