CDMX – Day 7 – Thursday

Memories of Dad, a bugs life as we spend our last day outside in the Botanic Gardens and visiting Casa Barragan

Although we had the Museum of Modern Art on our agenda and it was actually one I chose I made the decision to ditch it in favour of a morning in the open air. After all tonight we were going to be squished up in a metal cocoon heading home. Julia did, however, wish to visit the Museum so once we got to the Chapultepec Park we dropped Julia and Josie and I headed for the gardens.

Botantic Gardens
Succulents, Mother in Laws Cushion, a mad moment, a bugs life

The first  area brought memories of my amazing Dad flooding back.  When I was younger he started to collect cacti and succulents and here they were in all their glory, including the rather bizarrely named “Mother in law’s cushion”.  Smiling Josie and I walked towards the beautiful woodland with it’s canopy of leaves twinkling in the sunshine offering dappled shade on the benches below, which were incidentally occupied by three sets of lovers.  I mentioned this to Josie and said we might need to join in which is what brought on the mad moment of hysterical laughter.

Twinkling Canopy, Josie on the wooden structure, Beautiful tropical plant and the reflection of the glass stained window in the water below

The park was huge and by the time we found the exit from the gardens it had filled up with street vendors selling trinkets and food.  We had a little delay in the gardens as I walked straight into a Aloe and it’s long, sharp spike embedded itself into my knew to the point where the only thing stopping it was my knee joint.  As I looked down the tiny hole it left pumped blood out like it had pierced a major artery – it hadn’t! Anyway it was flipping painful and I needed to stem the flow and lie down before I ended up on the floor from passing out. NOTE TO SELF!!!! Don’t walk into Aloe plants, they are sharp.

Josie grabbed an ice-cream and I picked up some plain nachos to munch on as we tried to find our exit from the park in order to make our way to the home of Barragan. This architect was responsible for many of the buildings we had spotted around Mexico City and we had put aside the afternoon to visit his home. Sadly after a very, very long walk we found that you can only go inside if you had an “appointment” and without wifi we could not even do that.

Images of Barragan’s influence on CDMX & his home.

TOP TIP.  If you wish to visit the home of Luis Barragan then make an appointment here. Without it you will not be able to get in and the staff were very unhelpful and there is absolutely nothing in the area in terms of restaurants so getting wifi is almost impossible

After a morning of walking and the disappointment of not being able to see the inside of this icon’s home we headed back to the hotel and spent the afternoon relaxing on the pool deck as the sun set on this, our last day, in this awe inspiring, beautiful and amazing city break.


Josie’s scrap book page for this day in CDMX.


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