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Botanic Gardens of Mexico city, Kirstenbosch Cape Town with Annette & Dave, Berlin, Washington Square NYC.

Far too many years ago I met Josie whilst working at a publishing house here in Oxford, England. We quickly discovered that we both had partners who were not fussed about travelling and we both loved to travel. At the time we had young families, little time and money so city breaks sounded like the perfect option.  Without much hesitation we put a pin in a map, or something like that, and booked Paris which was to be our first of many, many trips together. I wish I’d started this blog then but they say it is never too late so here I am about 22 cities later getting my act together and sharing with you the fun times we have when we travel.

Sark with Kate & Josh, Cycling in Central park, La Pedrera Barcelona, Beer!, Great Wall of China

As we got more independent due to the age of our children and “disposal” of our partners (no they are not buried under the patio!) we got more reckless about the cost and prioritised our time to go that little bit further or fit in just one more (local) city in a year. We have visited some amazing places both locally and around the world. Over time I shall endeavour to include at least one page on each place which will largely come from the many scrap books Josie has built up over the years. Moving forward my aim is to share with you our days as we travel.

Florence with Jess & Josh, Piza with our babies, Hannah & Jess in Venice

Although this all started with the two of us over the years we have been joined by family and friends but we always endeavour to return to our roots and have at least one trip together a year.  These days I still live in Oxford, England and Josie shares her time between the US and Scotland so time for catching up is important. We talk for hours, sometimes into the early mornings and then are up early to see the sites or start our journeys home.  We always need recovery time after one of our city breaks even if they are based in the UK.

Frieda Khalo, CDMX with Julia, NYC with Josh & Ali, Famous 5 do Chicago & Josie in Chester

As I said we started in Paris but since then we have visited many, many beautiful places. Close to home we have visited Glasgow, London, Chester, York (OMG El-Piano), Dublin, Bath, Sark & St Helier and even made Oxford a city break.  In Europe Paris was swiftly followed by Venice, Piza, Florence, Prague, Switzerland (Basel & Interlaken), Berlin, Seville, Munich, Rome and in Scandinavia we have been to Copenhagen. The only city in the middle east we have visited together is Turkey although Josie has been to Egypt, in Africa we have only done Cape Town together. In the United States we have done NYC (again and again!), Boston and Chicago with San Francisco on our to do list (despite the fact I have been there already!). Although we have gone as far as Beijing in China and Mexico City in Central America we’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand together. Although we have both visited them independently.

Oxford, London with our girls, Prague, Switzerland with Kate & Josh, York

Already booked is Luxembourg for the Christmas markets this year and alongside San Francisco we have Rio, Cancun and Manchester on the agenda. These days we go as often as we can afford both financially and time wise. We will include a city in our family holidays and join forces with friends or the bringing together of the famous five – which is my son Joshua and Josie’s sister Annette and her husband Dave. The 5 of us work as magically as Josie and I do and it is always a blast.  So far the three of them joined us in Cape Town, Oxford and Chicago. Dave and Annette have done Rome and Berlin with Josie and me and will be joining us for our Christmas city break in Luxembourg later this year.






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