Amazing Experiences

Whenever we travel we try and embrace the culture and whatever the latest tourist offering is, bar bungy jumping we were never gonna do that!!!! Here are a few of the things we have done which I would strongly recommend you include if ever you get the opportunity.

Cool things to do

Hire a bike and cycle around Copenhagen. The city is really cycle friendly and there is part of the cycle network called Cykelslangen (The Snake) which is awsome and just beyond it is the lovely statue of the Mermaid. Just remember nobody turns at the traffic lights when on a bike.  You cross over and then wait to cross in the other direction when the lights turn green. Its a very safe and simply approach.

When in New York City I have to walk the Highline.  This disused raised railway line is slowly being converted into a lovely garden which meanders above the busy life below. When we first discovered it it was fairly quiet, these days it’s no surprise that it is popular with both the locals taking lunch breaks and tourists so get there early and enjoy a peaceful walk, eat an ice cream or drink under the bridge.

Whilst in Beijing we got the hotel to organise a driver with a guide to take us to the Great Wall. Driving in Beijing was like taking a rollercoaster ride.  Despite going early the roads were busy but there was little care about what side anybody drove on and we frequently had large lorries barrelling down on us. The whole experience was entertaining, fun and informative.  Do it!

If you are a foodie and you get to visit Cape Town then before you arrive make sure you have booked yourself into the Mount Nelson’s afternoon tea.  It is simply sublime.  There is an abundance of both sweet and savoury food and you can have as much as you can eat for single price.  On a summers day you can sit outside and take in the ambiance in the sunshine.


Cool things to do 2We discovered Segways in Berlin which was a novel way of seeing the city. Although be vigilant as you navigate your way through the busy traffic especially leaving the safety of the base as you will only have just found your legs.

We went on to Segway around a vineyard in Cape Town.  This was another amazing experience followed by copious amounts of wine tasting.

The spice market in Istanbul was incredibly impressive. Josie and I walked around for ages and even though we could not find a reason to buy anything the smells and colours were mesmerising. A foodie heaven.
In my humble opinion the only reason to visit Intelaken is to take the train to the Jungfrau. As you can see when we went it was snowing and as Josh and Katy returned from their little walk there was a total whiteout. There is also an ice cave with ice carvings up there and the views are to die for.  Its not cheap but totally work it.

When in Mexico City you have to go to Teotihuacan and climb the pyramids but if you want to make it really special eat at La Gruta. This beautiful restaurant is in a cave and even serves the local dish of cactus leaf either with your steak, grilled or as a salad. Whilst I imagine it is expensive for the locals it was excellent value for money and great service. We got to the pyramids at just before 8 and so were early for lunch and there was plenty of space. You can book.

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