I’m just a girl, starting a blog, wanting to share my adventures!

Welcome! You found me! Hang tight, we’re just getting started. I wanted to setup a quick welcome post to let you know this site IS live and I am here, I promise! I intend to take you on this crazy journey called life with me through this blog and share my experiences in travel and what has become glaringly apparent as hilarious and almost unbelieveable encounters and experiences in my daily life. You may have noticed the name, I intend to use this interchangeably as my name “Miss Adventure” and to describe the hilarious adventures in my life “MissAdventure” (aren’t I clever?!). I spent about 15 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic, worked my way through grad school (thank you, Grandpa!!) and made a career transition into healthcare administration in 2013. I LOVE to travel and have become the last single girl standing in my friend group that has no kids and is completely fine with it…for now *wink* (This is not a dating site….please don’t be gross!). I’ve learned that if you want to go do something, just go DO IT! I’ve traveled solo to Antarctica, New Zealand, Fiji, American Samoa (Pago Pago), Mexico (nope, no habla), Cuba (okay, I was with two gal pals for this one), St. Kitts and have made a cross-country move to advance my career! #yougogirl I will be sharing tips and tricks for planning, safety, saving money and of course take you with me on my adventures and share my images, stories and reviews!

Life seems to provide me with a plethora of material for my, and now your entertainment. For example, one of the executive assistants in my office is a notorious over-sharer, you know the type, everyone has one in their office. Now my office pals and I have a new game to play at work, “What I learned at work today…” it’s the best. How about if EVERY delivery and repair person that comes to your house asks you out, “no mattress delivery guy, I will NOT go out with you!”. What?! Or this, the hiking guide that quotes the same line from Madigascar (yes, the cartoon) over and over while descending a volcano that he finds WAY too funny and is nearly bent over in laughter? Funny at first but it quickly turns uncomfortable when you realize the conversation you’re having in a foreign country with a grown man in the woods by yourself.

So stay tuned, when I have a bit more time this coming weekend, we’ll get this blog rolling!